Payment Options & Financing

We offer a number of payment options, financing plans and a discount dental plan OrthoCare to help our patients afford the orthodontic care in Wisconsin they need. Making an investment in your dental health can be an important part of maintaining your overall health!

For Patients with Insurance

Deerwood Orthodontics accepts most insurance plans, yet they may vary by office. For a list of the insurance plans we accept, please view our Participating Insurance Plans page or the Location page of your local office. If you cannot find your plan, or if you’re not sure if your office will accept your plan, give your local office a call to verify. There may be a payment (copayment or estimated patient portion) due at your appointment (date of service) based on your insurance plan. The patient’s final financial responsibility can only be determined by the patient’s insurance company and may be different from the payment collected on the date of service.

For Patients without Insurance

Payment is due in full on the date of service. Payment options include:

  • Cash, personal checks, and money orders
  • Debit or credit card
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover

We offer a discount program and financing option to make dental care more affordable. 

Cash Discount - For orthodontic services not covered by insurance, patients may receive a 5% cash discount.  To qualify, payment is due in full on the date of service with no other outstanding balances. 

DRW works with the Orthocare Program. Learn More