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Offer begins July 1st 2021 and ends June 30th 2022. Your request must be postmarked by July 31st 2022. Additional Terms: Oer cannot be combined with any other oer, including coupons. Oer limited to U.S. residents only who are the age of majority in their state of residence. Limit two submissions per name, address, or envelope (except where prohibited). Use of multiple addresses or P.O. boxes to obtain additional refunds is fraud and may result in prosecution. Any submissions in excess of the limits set forth above will not be acknowledged or returned. This form must accompany your request. Reproduction, alteration, sale,trade, or purchase of this form or proof of purchase is prohibited. Proof of purchase must be obtained from product purchased by you. No requests from groups, clubs, or organizations will be honored. Rebate will be paid via pre-paid card. Prepaid card accepted where Visa®/MasterCard® cards are accepted. Not redeemable as cash or usable at ATMs or gas pumps. Card expires 6 months from issuance. Terms of prepaid card apply.

Please allow 6–8 weeks for delivery.

For the status of your rebate call 1-833-356-0301.